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RO Antiscalants chemical is generally added in the security filter of reverse osmosis system, that is, before the precision filter. It is added to the dosing system through the metering pump in the pipeline of the reverse osmosis equipment, and the RO Antiscalants chemical can be used directly in the original solution or diluted before use, the dilution is not recommended to exceed 10 times, that is, the concentration should not be less than 10%.

The recommended concentration of RO Antiscalants chemical is generally 5-20ppm, i.e. 5-20g of reverse osmosis Antiscalants chemical needs to be added for every 1 ton of water in the reverse osmosis equipment.   We determine the weekly dosage according to the usage of the equipment, determine the size of the dosing tank according to the weekly dosage, and adjust the dosing metering pump to make the reverse osmosis agent injected into the reverse osmosis equipment smoothly and continuously.   Calculation formula of monthly dosage: W (monthly dosage <Kg>) = Q (inlet water flow of reverse osmosis equipment <m3/h>) × S (for dosing concentration <g/ton>) × H (for working time of reverse osmosis equipment <hour>) × 30 / 1000 (1000 is the conversion amount of g and Kg).

RO Antiscalants

We take the water intake of RO system unit of reverse osmosis as 100 tons as an example, and calculate the usage of Antiscalants chemical for each set of reverse osmosis system, i.e. dosing amount. The monthly dosage of reverse osmosis Antiscalants chemical is: 100*5*24*30/1000=360KG (5 is the dosing concentration ppm; 24 is the working time hours per day; 30 is the number of days per month; 1000 is the conversion unit g for KG).

Antiscalants chemical

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