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We have drunk pure water, you can see that there are a lot of well-known pure water brands on the market such as: Yibao, Wahaha, Lepai, Watson’s, etc.

Some people will also be installed at home pure water machine, these pure water collectively known as drinking pure water, the principle is more or less the same.

the general drinking pure water conductivity <10 or so, conductivity is a measure of the purity of water a standard, commonly used unit μS/cm to say, the following on the home water machine to say the production principle of pure water machine.


There are 5 stage of domestic water purifiers, the first 3 stage are pre-treatment systems, the fourth level is the RO membrane, which is the core component of the water purifier, and the last level is the post filter, which is mainly to improve the taste.


The 1st stage: PP filter cartridge function: to remove sediment, rust, algae, and other large solids in the water

The 2nc stage: granular activated carbon cartridge function: adsorption of residual chlorine, odor, and solid impurities in the water

The third stage: compressed activated carbon cartridge function: further adsorption of residual chlorine in water, odor. and solid impurities

Fourth stage: RO membrane cartridge function: effective retention of arsenic, fluoride, lead, cadmium, chromium (hexavalent), and other pollutants, and effectively reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water

The fifth stage: post-activated carbon cartridge function: optimize the sense of the water outlet

Drinking pure water is not the purer the better? Not really, the higher the purity of the water, the stronger its solubility.

If ultra-pure water is used as drinking water, it is easy to cause a decrease in the osmotic pressure of the extracellular fluid, which causes the expansion of personal cells, which is not good for health.

If you want to use ultra-pure water as drinking water, it is best to add a certain amount of salt to the water, usually at a concentration of about 0.9% (which is the concentration of physiological saline),

you can also add a small amount of glucose to the water, properly being charged with energy.

If there is another water quality can be drink, or do not recommend users to drink ultra-pure water, after all, ultra-pure water belongs to industrial water, not suitable for human consumption。

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