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With the continuous development of science and technology,double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment manufacturing level is also constantly improving, but along with the increasingly stringent requirements for equipment installation and commissioning skills.

However, due to the complexity of the installation of double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment, such as reasons, in the actual installation and commissioning process, there will still often be some failure problems. Therefore, take the right measures to double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment installation and commissioning, to protect the normal operation of the equipment is very important.

Installation of reverse osmosis equipment

1, double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment device transported to the site, should be placed indoors, the surrounding ambient temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃, higher than 38 ℃. When the temperature is higher than 35℃, ventilation measures should be strengthened.

2, the equipment arrives, should be installed within one month, and should be immediately water test run. The equipment shall not open any valve before the water test run.

3, the equipment in place, should adjust the equipment support point, so that the components are in a basic horizontal position, and reliable contact with the foundation. Device and water supply pump connected to the receiver among the valves should be degreased before connection, water supply pump overflow part should also be degreased.

4, double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment, water production pipe larger output height should be less than 8 meters. Cleaning in place and RO equipment, such as hard pipe connection, the inlet and return liquid pipe shall not be laid directly on the ground, so as not to damage.

Installation of reverse osmosis membrane module

1、Check the pressure vessel for internal abrasion or damage, leakage of containers need to be replaced, flush the pressure vessel with water to remove all dust and particles, clean up corrosion products or external impurities, lubrication of the casing from the beveled surface of the 1/2 to the beveled surface of the range from about 1/2.

2, check the surface of the membrane element for defects, such as defects should be dealt with in a timely manner to avoid abrasion of the container, pay attention to prevent the membrane from shrinking out of the end of the device, if the defects can not be dealt with, contact the manufacturer of double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment to deal with.

3, with about 50% of the glycerin – water mixture to lubricate the inside of the container, available in the appropriate size of the cotton cloth dipped in the mixture.


4, with a small amount of lubricant to lubricate the connector 0-ring, connect the connector to the next membrane element, install the next membrane element.


5. Connect all external piping, pressure vessel and membrane element disassembly, disassembly process and installation process steps in reverse.

Reverse osmosis Equipment commissioning

1, analyze and test the water inlet of the equipment, and the result shows that it meets the water inlet requirements before the device is put into water for debugging.

2、Check whether the connection between all pipelines is perfect, whether the pressure gauge is complete, whether the connection of low-pressure pipelines is tight and whether there is any shortage.

3, start the pretreatment equipment, and adjust the water supply is greater than the total amount of water into the equipment, to be no formaldehyde odor of the water out of the device to close the total water inlet valve.

4, start the high-pressure pump, and slowly open the equipment total water inlet valve, control the equipment total inlet pressure is less than 0.5Mpa, God wash for 5 minutes, and check the high and low pressure piping, instrumentation is normal.

5, adjust the water inlet valve, thick water discharge valve, so that the inlet water pressure to 1.0 ~ 1.4Mpa, test the product water conductivity, meet the requirements of the product water out of the water valve, close the water discharge valve.

6, double pass RO reverse osmosis equipment debugging are manual single-step operation, after normal operation, before switching to automatic state!

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