Chemical dosing pump electronic metering pump


Chemical metering dosing pumps are compact positive displacement pumps designed to pump extremely precise flows of chemicals or other substances into water or air.


These pumps work by pumping a certain amount of liquid into the chamber and then inserting the chemical into a pipe or tank containing the fluid to be measured. The pump is powered by a motor or ventilation actuator, and the controller is used to operate the pump and turn the power on and off. Ro AUGA supplies different brands of dosing pumps, Seko, AlleDosieren and others. To learn more about the different types of stoichiometric pumps available in our stock, check out our selection below.

Product Benefit

  • Digital Display
  • Adjust the flow by press key
  • Cycle timer
  • Optional automatic control such as pulse or analog signal

Product Feature

Alledosieren chemical dosing pump specification:

Seko chemical dosing pump specification:


  • Chlorination
  • Fluoridation
  • Bottling plants
  • Addition of pH adjustment chemicals
  • Water Treatment
  • Commercial Membrane Systems
  • Brackish Water Systems
  • Sea Water Systems
  • High Recovery Systems
  • Scale Inhibitor
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