Industrial RO

Commercial and industrial reverse osmosis system is to pass raw water through sand filter, activated carbon filter, resin water softening, etc., and then pressurize by pump, using reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) with a pore size of 1/10000μm to make higher concentration water It turns into low-concentration water, and at the same time isolates all the impurities mixed into the water such as industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc., so as to meet the prescribed physical and chemical indicators and sanitary standards for drinking, and produce pure to pure water, which is timely supplemented by the human body The choice of high-quality moisture.
Commercial and industrial reverse osmosis has a wide range of applications, mainly for food companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, water plants, medicine, etc. RO AGUA provides reverse osmosis system with different flow rates. It can treat raw water of different quality with TDS less than 2000ppm.